When & Where

COVID-19 Notice:

MVBC scheduled rides are now open following the state guidelines for outdoor recreation organizations . In particular we must now:

  • Split up into smaller groups of 6 or less riders.

  • Refrain from stopping at restaurants or coffee shops for indoor dining.

  • If the weather does not permit eating outside ride captains will schedule shorter rides with no stops.


The Mid-Valley Bicycle Club hosts weekly rides on Saturdays & Wednesdays, throughout the year.

Please see the RIDE SCHEDULE for all Start-Times & Route Plans

We ride rain or shine, and everyone is welcome to join! If you are not a club member and you'd like to ride as a GUEST, please complete the Liability Waiver Agreement at waiver.mvbc.com before you ride. Everyone should review our ride policies for a listing of ride group values, practices, and safety requirements.

Club insurance through the League of American Bicyclist covers rides with a designated leader that are open to all club members, and includes rides listed on the club ride calendar or tours sponsored by the club.

Weekly ride information appears below. Information about other annual rides, including the Rolling Feast, Ride of Silence, Midge Cramer Ride, and Corvallis Spring Roll, is posted at annual.mvbc.com. You may also be interested in our annual tours!

Last minute ride changes are often sent to our MVBC-Announce email group and sometimes posted on our Facebook page.

If you want to become a member of the MVBC, something we definitely encourage, please visit join.mvbc.com. Everyone is welcome in this club!

Oregon is bicycling nirvana; sometimes wet nirvana, but nirvana nonetheless! To learn more about MVBC Local Routes and other Oregon Cycling Routes, check out the routes page!

Saturday Rides

Each Saturday throughout the year there are three rides. The start times move around to adapt to daylight hours and temperature. Generally there is a Fall/Winter/Spring schedule (October – May) and a different Summer schedule (June – September). So check the calendar for specifics.

Unless noted otherwise, Saturday morning rides depart at 15 minutes past the hour from the Osborn Aquatic Center. People usually start congregating 15 minutes prior. Ride duration is variable, and is typically several hours. There are generally three rides of varying length and speed:

  • Fast Ride: This group usually follows the posted route and is fast paced so jump in and hang on if you can.

  • Moderate Ride: This group usually follows the posted route and is a medium paced ride that typically breaks to regroup once or twice along the way.

  • Social Ride: This group typically develops multiple routes at the start of the ride. It is a slower paced ride that regroups often and leaves no one behind.

Wednesday Rides

Wednesday morning rides run all year long and are typically 40 – 60 miles at a moderate pace with at least one regroup. Unless noted otherwise, Wednesday rides depart at 15 minutes past the hour from the Osborn Aquatic Center. Check the MVBC-Calendar for specifics.