Midge Cramer Ride

Third Saturday in May

When:         3rd Saturday in May. See Ride Schedule - Special Rides Tab

Where:        Osborn Aquatic Center

Time:          10:00 AM

Pace:           Ride at your own pace

Distance: 20 to 47 mile options

Route: See Ride Schedule - Special Rides Tab

Mandatory: A helmet. A submitted liability waiver if not a current MVBC member.

Questions? Contact ride-info@mvbc.com

The Midge Cramer Ride celebrates the life and legacy of Richard P. "Midge" Cramer (1931-1997), one of the founders of the Mid-Valley Bicycle Club. The ride has been held annually since 2001 and features traditions and stories associated with Midge (which are described below).


The Midge Cramer Standard Route is 33 miles and visits Hiatt Bakery before heading north to the coasting contest. There are two shorter versions of the route (22 miles and 27 miles) that share the first 8.8 miles of the Standard Route. There is also a version of the route that is 29% unpaved. It follows the Standard Route for the first 4.7 miles. 

There are also 3 longer routes The Smith Loop (45 miles), The Finley Loop (57 miles), and The Alsea Falls Loop (69 miles). Riders of these routes often start earlier than the standard 10am time, and miss out on some of the stories and traditions, but their routes include the coasting contest. 

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2017 Midge Cramer Ride

Midge Cramer Traditions

The Coasting Contest

The big MCR event is the Coasting Contest down the “O’Shea Hill” on Bellfountain Road. One of Midge’s colleagues and good friends was Pat O’Shea who lived near this hill. Midge would be very proud of this tradition, as he challenged his students on this same hill. The start of the coast is a short distance north of Airport Road on Bellfountain (see details at coasting.mvbc.com). A plaid shirt and sign or other suitable artifact, is used to mark the start. Riders must begin coasting from a ‘dead’ stop and not pedal – at all. When the bike is about to tip over, the rider puts a foot down and checks to see if he/she has passed the appropriate category sign (see the full category & event records listings at coasting.mvbc.com). If so, the sign is moved to that spot, and the rider puts his/her name on the sign.

M & Ms Guessing Game & Fig Newtons

Midge loved to treat the staff at OSU with Peanut M & Ms, having fun as they tried to guess the color of the M & M in order to earn a bonus treat. Midge always had Fig Newtons when he rode, so we provide these somewhere along the route.

Plaid & Argyle

Riders are encouraged to wear or display something that is plaid. Midge wore the same plaid shirt on all tours and many day rides. It was in shreds when he passed away. Riders may also wear Argyle - usually socks - as Midge wore a pair that his mother knitted for him.  

The Cramer Family

Midge’s sons, Kent, Ted & Rich, along with some of their family and friends, often join the event.  Like their father, they love to have fun and are very competitive on the coasting contest.