Mid-Valley Bicycle Club's Annual Touring Events

Discover the thrill of exploring new destinations and revisiting beloved spots on two wheels with MVBC! Our members eagerly embark on multi-day bicycle tours each year, offering a diverse range of experiences suitable for every skill level and aspiration.

While our tours are exclusively available to MVBC members, becoming a member is simple and opens the door to countless exciting adventures. Join us today and unlock the opportunity to participate in our unforgettable tours!

MVBC Hosted Tours

Introductory Touring rides / Shakedown rides for the 2024 season: 

These tours are for individuals/groups seeking a shakedown ride near home to test their gear or who are contemplating their first camping experience with a bike. 

Car camping with bicycle riding in remote locations:

Drive to a more distant campsite that will be home base for a few days of hub & spoke rides.

Loop Tours:

Tours that start and end in the same place -

Gravel Camps: 

Camp at one scenic location with several days of gravel riding.

Camp Sherman Gravel Camp 2024

Siuslaw River Gravel Camp 2024

Big Elk Gravel Camp 2024

Gravel Tours:

Gravel focused loops, either close to home or further afield.