Loop Tour 2022

Bending a Bowtie

Loop 1: June 18-26

Loop 2: July 16-24

The Mid-Valley Bicycle Club Loop Tour is an annual nine day cycling & camping tour in Oregon and sometimes elsewhere in the Northwest region. The first Loop Tour was held in 1976, see history.looptour.org, and it has taken place nearly every year since.

Please refer to the document: notices.looptour.org for additional information about registration and the tour.

For 2022 we will be revisiting Central Oregon with a literal twist on the previous route. Thus the bowtie.

Start and end in Bend

  • 2 OREGON SCENIC BYWAYS: Cascade Lakes, a few miles of Oregon Outback

  • 3 OREGON SCENIC BIKEWAYS: Crooked River, Sister to Smith Rocks, Twin Bridges

  • Stay in 2 towns: Prineville, Sisters

  • Camp near water EACH NIGHT: Crooked River, Lake Billy Chinook, Wychus Creek, Deschutes River, Paulina & East Lakes, Crescent Lake, Elk Lake


This year's routes features shorter days and less climbing than most previous Loop Tours. We also planned for minimum gravel. There will be some gravel alternatives but the main route will have very little.

Read the Participant Guide at guide.looptour.org for lots of useful and important information about the tour. Gear and equipment SAG is available.