Loop Tour

2021 Loop Tour


Loop 1 July 10 -18 Loop 2 Aug 14 -22

The Loop Tour Committee (LTC) continues to plan with the intent that we can do the trip to Idaho. Should that not be possible, we have back up plans. We have two draft routes out of Corvallis. If we absolutely cannot do a group event, we will provide routes and suggested camping locations. You will do the rest of the planning.

Assuming that we can go to Idaho, here is information:

  • To give folks more time to get vaccinated, the tours are later. #1 - July 10-18; #2 - August 14-22.

  • The priority system will include volunteer efforts from March 2019 trough the date that we begin registration. That date has not been determined.

  • For now each tour is limited to 24 people. If the situation allows, we will increase this cap, but do not expect 45 people on tour as in the past.

The Mid-Valley Bicycle Club Loop Tour is an annual nine day cycling & camping tour in Oregon and sometimes elsewhere in the Northwest region. The first Loop Tour was held in 1976, see history.looptour.org, and it has taken place nearly every year since.

Keep an eye on EVENT NOTICES for the latest LOOP information & registration schedule.

Register for 2021 Loop Tour

Priority Registration is open now until end of day Sunday, May 16th

Read the Participant Guide at guide.looptour.org for lots of useful and important information about the tour. Gear and equipment SAG is available.

Come ride the Loop Tour with us this year. Bring your family, and tell your friends to check it out too at www.looptour.org (this page). It's hard to find a more beautiful way to experience the Pacific Northwest.