Ride of Silence

Third Wednesday in May

When:         3rd Wednesday of May. See Ride Schedule - Special Rides Tab

Where:        Osborn Aquatic Center

Time:          6:30 PM, bikes roll at 7:00 PM (confirm on Ride Schedule)

Pace:           No faster than 12 mph

Distance: 6.6 miles, flat, 1 hour

Route: See Ride Schedule - Special Rides Tab

Mandatory: A helmet. A submitted liability waiver if not a current MVBC member.

Questions? Contact ride-info@mvbc.com

This is an annual ride of silence to honor cyclists who have been injured or killed, to raise awareness of the number of people who ride bikes and to ask that all share the road.

The international Ride of Silence started in 2003 in Dallas, Texas and is held annually on the third Wednesday in May.  It has grown to include over two hundred locations world wide in 44 states and on five continents.

No particular skill or endurance level is needed for this ride, and all that is required is to wear a helmet, share the road and to follow traffic laws.

A white painted “Ghost Bike” will appear on streets and roads in Benton County to remind all of locations where people have been hurt or killed. The Ghost Bike emphasizes that, even though drivers may see one or two people riding at a time, there are actually thousands of bikes on the streets each day, every one with a vulnerable rider on board.

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