Gravel Rides

Sunday is MVBC gravel day

Each Sunday we will meet at 10:00 AM (9:00 AM starting June 6) at a location not far from Corvallis for a gravel ride. There is both a short and a longer route planned each week, starting from the same location. Ride with GPS routes, cue sheets, and directions to starting locations are available on the “Sundays” tab on the MVBC Ride Schedule.

New to gravel riding?

  • Gentle hills

  • Routes of 10-15 miles

  • Slow paced, no drop

  • Frequent re-groups

  • Around 3 hours

Experienced gravel rider?

  • Some steep grades

  • Routes of 25 - 40 miles

  • Pace appropriate for terrain

  • Re-group as necessary so no one goes off route

  • Around 4 hours

  • Any modifications to the ride schedule will be made 24 hours in advance. Please check the ride schedule before you head out to confirm.

  • Each ride has a designated leader and no participant will be left behind. Fast riders are welcome to ride ahead, but they are on their own.

  • Tires at least 40mm wide are recommended. Wider is better.

  • Bring your own flat repair kit, a helmet, water, and snacks or lunch.

  • Practice social distancing and wear a mask whenever appropriate.