Current Postings (October 2020)

Great Divide Mountain Bike Ride

Tracy Arras, Audrey Hoffa, and Bill Flaherty undertook this epic north to south crossing of the country over the summer. As Tracy said, it was a ride of a lifetime.

You can review the presentation slides or the Zoom video (must be a MVBC member and logged into your Drive (Gmail) account).

Archive Postings

2018 Northwest Tandem Rally

The MVBC has been selected to host the 2018 Northwest Tandem Rally on the weekend of Friday, June 29 through Wednesday, July 4, 2018. Net proceeds from the event will help establish a fund for the Bicycle Education & Safety program in Albany. We need your help!

To make this event a success, much of the work needs to begin now: route, venue, food service & schedule planning; sponsor agreements; website development and more. Check out the NWTR website at

You might be interested to know that the very first NWTR took place here in 1986 and was organized by our own Nancy & Chuck Meitle, along with other members and friends of our club. Click the image below, scan our gallery or visit our NWTR & MVBC history page.

MVBC SysAdmin Team

The Board of Directors is very happy to introduce the new MVBC System Administration Team:

Together, they are responsible for taking care of all our online systems.

We are fortunate to have the help of a group with such relevant background and skill, working to keep MVBC rolling online. Thanks to Dave, Mark, Dan & Shirley for volunteering, and to Brian & Ted for their many years of support.

BikeEd Volunteers Wanted

Shirley Schoberg-Hebda, 10/1/2017

With the start of the fall term for area schools, we are gearing up for bicycle safety education classes at Albany's elementary schools. The program always needs volunteers, so please check the schedule, and if you can help, follow the instructions at the link:

Although volunteers are welcome every day they are particularly needed on the last day of each 5 day class session. This is the community ride and is always fun for the kids. By having more volunteers, it keeps the groups smaller and this makes it even more fun for the kids and manageable for the adults.

Many thanks for your consideration and to our program partners, including the Mid-Willamette Family YMCA, Albany Parks & Recreation Deptartment, and our Mid-Valley Bicycle Club.

2017 MVBC Summer Tours Complete

Event Planners, 8/24/2017

The Mid-Valley Bicycle Club summer touring season is now closed. You can find photos from this year's Loop and Mini Loop tours at our gallery page. For information about next year, please consult the event home pages at the tours menu of this website.

The 2017 & 2018 Crater Lake Rim Tours were both cancelled due to road construction on Rim Drive in 2017 and resource conflicts with MVBC hosting of the Northwest Tandem Rally in July 2018. See announcement below and

Corvallis Pump Track Campaign

MVBC Board of Directors, 4/11/2017

Team Dirt brought a pump track to the 2016 Corvallis Spring Roll, and kids lined up throughout the event for a chance to ride its curves and waves! Playing around like this is a sure way to motivate youngsters towards an active lifestyle, and to help them develop the bike handling skills so important for safe riding.

You can help to bring a pump track to Corvallis by making a tax deductible donation to the Corvallis Pump Track Campaign. Watch the video below, for background, and visit our donation page to make a gift.

2017 & 2018 CLRTs Cancelled

MVBC Board of Directors, 3/25/2017

The 2017 & 2018 Crater Lake Rim Tours have both been CANCELLED. Major road construction, and associated cycling hazards, are expected on Rim Drive during the event time windows. In addition, the MVBC is hosting the Northwest Tandem Rally in July 2018, and will focus its resources on that event (see our Northwest Rides page).

We expect to be back in 2019 (Fri 8/23/2019 through Sun 8/25/2019) with the 39th annual CLRT. Keep an eye on for the latest information and status.

Website Update

Ted Wilson, 1/1/2016

We've just released a substantial update to the MVBC website at This revision is based on the new Google Sites website builder (see more details). It formats gracefully across small and large screens. Site editing is as easy as document editing, and is integrated with our Google online application and storage tools.

Try out the new site on your phone, tablet or computer! For example, you can see the archive page at, and the gallery page at, or simply use the menu links above. There are many resources here that you may not have known about.