MVBC General Meetings

MVBC General Meetings are held the third Monday of the month from September through May, and are open to the public. In non-pandemic times the meetings are held at the Osborn Aquatic Center, but for now they are held via Zoom.

Recorded Zoom Meetings

May 19 2023 Special Presentation of Designing Communities for Active Transportation - Zoom Recording 

May 2023 - Loop Tour 2023 - Zoom Recording

March 2023 - Bend Bikes presentation on successful advocacy - Zoom Recording

February 2023 - The Grand Tour of Oregon by Tyler Wilson & Kelsey Ward- Zoom Recording

November 2o22 - Annual Members Meeting and Banquet - Zoom Recording

October 2022 - Rory Rowan, Transportation Division Manager for the City of Corvallis spoke about the current state of the division and what ways we might work to further advocacy - Zoom Recording

May 2022 - Ann Asbell and the Loop Tour Committee present Loop Tour 2022 - Zoom Recording

January 2022 - Josh Capps, Active Transportation Program Specialist for the City of Corvallis -Zoom Recording 

November 2021 - The Annual General Meeting of the club - Zoom Recording 

September 2021 - Kailey Kornhauser gave us a Body Size Inclusion Workshop - Zoom Recording

June 2021 - Ramon Martinez  talks about Bike Indy - Zoom Recording

May 2021 - Loop Tour Meeting - Zoom Recording 

Ann Asbell and the Loop Tour Committee on the 2021 Loop Tour


April 2021 - Special Loop Tour meeting - Zoom Recording

Ann Asbell previews the  2021 Loop Tour ahead of opening registration


April 2021 - Odyssey of the VOG - Zoom Recording 

Ben Handrich talks about the Odyssey of the VOG ride that he is coordinating later this month, and more about bikepacking and routefinding.


March 2021 - Touring Puerto Rico - Zoom Recording 

Kay & Enrique Semadeni, Kim & Mark Thackray, Sam Stern, and Don Shank will talk about their tour of Puerto Rico in Feb. 2020


February 2021 - Corvallis Composite MTB Club -  Zoom Recording

Tiffany Bailey from the Corvallis Composite MTB Club, speaking to us about what their club has been able to do to get youth involved with cycling, and ways in which we could work together to further both clubs' goals.


January 2021 - ODOT and Corvallis Transportation Action Team - Zoom Recording

Jenna Berman from ODOT talks about statewide and regional opportunities for us to get involved in helping to make our state safer and more friendly towards cyclists.  

Steve Starcevich from the Corvallis Transportation Action Team (part of the Sustainability Coalition), talks about the group and ways in which we can become involved on local issues.