Ride Policies

Values and Practices

Everyone is welcome to join Mid-Valley Bicycle Club weekly rides. If you are NOT a club member and you’d like to ride as a GUEST, that's great, but we require you complete the Liability Waiver Agreement before riding. If you would like to become a member of the MVBC (and really, why wouldn't you?), please visit join.mvbc.com.

A RIDE LEADER or CAPTAIN is typically, but not always, present to lead each of our weekly rides. If it happens there isn't a ride leader, you may certainly self-organize, appoint a leader, and choose from a selection of great routes, or simply agree on a custom route, and then proceed to ride on your own.

Club insurance through the League of American Bicyclist covers rides with a designated leader that are open to all club members, and includes rides listed on the club ride calendar or tours sponsored by the club.

Safety Requirements

  • All participants are required to wear an APPROVED HELMET while riding with any MVBC hosted activity or event (protect that noggin!);

  • Wearing EARBUDS or other devices that limit audio awareness is not allowed while riding (being present = being safe);

  • Be Prepared for any kind of WEATHER (especially in Oregon);

  • Ride SINGLE FILE (give drivers enough room to pass safely, especially those Winnebagos!);

  • When riding, always be alert for MOTOR TRAFFIC and move well off the roadway when stopping (cars are bigger than you are);

  • Ride PATIENTLY & COURTEOUSLY (is there any other way?); and

Honor all applicable Oregon Bicycle Laws & Regulations.

PS. Guests, you have signed the Liability Waiver Agreement, right?

Full ride policy details are at ride-policies.mvbc.com