2019 Event Registration

To Sign-Up for participation in the MVBC Covered Bridge Bicycle Tour, you must first REGISTER and then PAY. Instructions follow below. You may return to this registration page (register.coveredbridgetour.org) at any time.

Tour Schedule: Sunday, 8/11/2019

Use the form link below to register for this year's CBBT. Prospective adult participants, 18 years or older, must each register SEPARATELY. Minors, less than 18 years old, may be registered by any accompanying adult using the same form.

Current CBBT fees are (Ride, SAG support, and Rest Stop Food service included):

  • Short Tour (40mi) = $20
  • Metric Century (68mi) = $35
  • Almost a Century (85mi) = $35
  • Full Century (101mi) = $35
  • Minor (<18yrs, Any Route) = $5

After Registration

To FINALIZE your Covered Bridge Bicycle Tour application you must PAY the corresponding Participant Fees at pay.coveredbridgetour.org. You will receive email confirmation notices for your registration and payment transactions, and will have an opportunity to purchase event merchandise at the payment site.